Written by Dr Raine Kajastila on Feb 25. 2021

The results for the first-ever Global Jumpball Competition are in and the winners for the first and the second prize can finally be announced!! In four short weeks, Jumpball was played well over 69 000 times. That equals almost 130 000 sweat and fun inducing minutes of mixed reality ball kicking!!

However, there was ever only going to be one winner, carefully picked amongst the 125 ValoJump customer locations. The fiercest jumpballer, the winner of the grand prize and the title of the Ultimate Master of Jumpball is…. (*drumroll*)

The second prize went to Australia, and the winner is:

Josh from Bounce Tingalpa!!
"It's great to see our new game in action! Congratulations to both of you, you guys were awesome! Hope to see you back in our future competitions and tournaments!"

The Winner's interview

"Wow! This is so awesome! Thank you so much! I look forward to getting into the arena again soon! Let's go!!!" 
Nathanael the Ultimate Master of Jumpball
Nathanael | The Ultimate Master of Jumpball
What do you think about Valo Motion products?
“I definitely get excited when I get to an adventure park and see it has a Valo Motion product! This particular day was my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday. I really enjoyed that Altitude East Cobb has two units to play against friends and family in real-time. Having two ValoJump units takes the games to a whole other level.”

How did you like Jumpball?

“It’s almost impossible to narrow down to one favourite thing about Jumpball. The electronic music, the graphics, the range of difficulty settings, and the different ways of hitting the ball all make for a totally unique experience – mixed reality without a VR headset. It is gaming that also doubles as a low-impact exercise. That is an important development in gaming: getting people off their couches AND enhancing motor skills in a truly fun way. As a certified personal trainer, I confess I burned a lot of calories to get this title of Ultimate Master of Jumpball!”

Would you like to do this again?

“Absolutely, I would compete again. Not just to defend the title, but because it also supports local businesses. The Adventure Park industry was hit hard during COVID, so this is a great, safe way to get people excited for supporting these parks and community gaming. It also connects people around the world. I really enjoy all of the ValoJump and ValoClimb games, so I’m really excited to see more of these developments in the future! Thank you again for choosing me as your first Ultimate Master of Jumpball.

Denis Lopatin is happy to announce that ValoJump brings gaming to trampolines and lines of eager players to his park. Download the case study to find out why Denis thinks that although there are a lot of digital gaming solutions out there, only ValoJump is worth the investment.

Over 200 000 played ValoJump games

All we can say is that Nathanael and Josh were in great company. Looking at our gameplay data, over 200 000 ValoJump games – including the single-player and the two-player games  –  were played during the four weeks the competition was up and running. What we wanted to create, was a global video competition, where we took care of everything for the location owners and operators.

Valo Motion MR attractions come with inbuild marketing toolsTo amp up our customer’s marketing value and visibility, each Valo Motion product is complemented with the Valo Motion Service. It has been designed to allow our customers to add their logo to the gameplay videos. Our customer’s logo can appear in several places: on the video page, as a watermark on the video and now also inside the actual game! As can be seen from the above image, the customer logo appears as a watermark & inside the game.

Our backend support was hard at work to make this competition became a great success. We were using Valo Motion Cloud Service to advertise the competition as much as we could:

  • Valo Motion mixed reality attractions come with in-build marketing toolsOn a global video page that collects all public Jumpball videos
  • On Valo Motion touchscreens 
  • By showing ads that appeared after each game
  • In the gameplay video email sent to anybody who played any game.
As can be seen from the image, the competition ad was shown on Valojump units.

Basically, all our customers needed to do was to let their visitors know about the competition and encourage them to play Jumpball. For this, we had created a ready-to-publish marketing material for them that included all their need. 

Based on the successful Jumpball competition, we decided to build a new service, our soon to be launched Valo Motion Active eSports league. We truly believe that competitions are a great way for our customers to boost revisits and to increase visibility. Interested in finding out more, get in touch with our Active eSports League specialist!

Join ValoLeague

Contact our new Event and competition operations manager, Janina, to find out more about our soon to be launched ValoLeague. Our seasonal competitions are designed to help you to achieve fast ROI, drive in new customers and boost revisits from your current customers!

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Jumpball is all over the world... 

All the over 125 customer locations are in this global competition. Click the map below to find your nearest ValoJump location.


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