Written by Janina Salo-Glasemann on Dec 14. 2021

During the 2nd season, ValoLeague's player community has doubled to over 8000 registered users globally. At the same time, players shared their sports videos with more than 50.000 viewers in over 120 countries. We are now proudly announcing the winners.

Sharing the game experience

With the seasonal competitions, we continue our mission to cherish movement and connect sports enthusiasts worldwide. ValoLeague is accompanied by its official mobile application ValoApp, to serve your activity park customers and digital natives who value: digital, mobile, and self-service. The mobile app makes video recording, sharing and participating in competitions super easy. The real-time scoring and push notifications boosted repeat play to try to improve ranking in the local and global leaderboards. No extra resources from the location owners are needed.

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Season 2 👑

For Season 2 we launched new Sparks and Flash levels for ValoClimb and included new Skytails and Trax levels for ValoJump to encourage your customers to come back to your park and play again! The level of top scores and head-to-head races till the end proved that players had to train and play repetitively to beat previous scores.

The Winners

Now, finally (*drumroll*) we are very excited to announce you the winners of Season 2! 

And the winners are...

ValoClimb | Sparks – Machinery – Toma at Portal Gaming World (Serbia)


ValoClimb | Hullaballoon – Daniel at Baltic Rocks (Germany)


ValoJump | Trax - Titan – Félix Mchl at Alti Arena (France)


ValoJump | Toywatch - Crazy Mode – Nicolas at Alti Arena (France)


Check out all winners and who played from your location to celebrate your local heroes!

Valo Motion arranges the ValoLeague with seasonal competitions, player communication and takes care of the cash prizes. The service is an integral element of the Valo Motion services subscription to offer location owners continuously new opportunities they can market to their customers. The competition can be provided to players as an easy self-serve solution or combined with a local event or party. The ValoLeague team supports tailoring location-specific entertainment packages and provides ready to use marketing collateral and game visuals.

If you want to know more about how to use the Valo Motion games for competitive game formats in events to boost revisits specifically in your location, please don't hesitate to book an online meeting with me📱!







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