Written by Fana Immonen on Jan 28. 2021

We have partnered up with GRTCrew’s talented acrobatic athletes and created an awesome challenge! Do you think you can beat them on an interactive trampoline game and win freestyle trampoline event tickets? There’s only one way to find out…

GRTCrew (
The Freestyle Trampoline Association) – helmed by the famous trampoline jumper Greg Roe – is promoting Freestyle Trampoline extreme action sport. Do you think you can beat them on a rhythm-based interactive trampoline game we like to call Trax? Trax is our newest game for ValoJump that boosts your trampolining like never seen before. You can bounce on a real trampoline and get a real workout while having fun playing.

ValoJump Challenge

The rules of this challenge are simple:

  1. Go to your nearest ValoJump location by clicking here and play our interactive trampoline game Trax (level Taurus)
  2. Share your game video online on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and include your score and the following #-tags: #valomotion #valojumpchallenge #GRTCrew. The video-sharing can be done immediately after the gameplay through the ValoJump touch screen. 

GRTCrew will try to beat the best scores on a live stream filmed during IAAPAExpo in Orlando Florida on the 20th of November. The challenge ends on the 17th of November at 11:59 P.M.

If your score is something that the GRTCrew cannot beat, you will win freestyle trampoline event tickets

Trax – Newest game for ValoJump

Trax is Valo Motion’s newest game for ValoJump®, inviting the player to follow specific tracks and to strike indicated poses in the air. The game is about using hands and feet to collect nodes while being as quick and as precise as you possibly can!

ValoJump Locations

Click the map below to find the nearest ValoJump location.

Valo Motion AR game platforms can be found in over 55 countries

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