Plankton – The Dodging Game

NEW! We launched the world's first dodging game for a climbing wall where the player navigates through a fantastic oceanic world while dodging appearing creatures and obstacles. 

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Jump Theater – Go nuts at the funhouse

Do you feel it's time to escape the reality for a moment and offer an activity where your guest have so much fun, they don't want to stop playing? Do you love theater, piñata and a pinch of nostalgia? Then this game is for you and your customers! 

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Super Stomp, the first two-player game for ValoJump

We thought it was about time to create a multi-player game for our mixed reality trampoline game, ValoJump. Super Stomp is the world’s first multiplayer trampoline game! In Super Stomp, you get to compete against your friends in fast-paced matches where...

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Viral sensation ValoClimb reveals new visual experience at IAAPA

Our interactive wall climbing game platform and the viral sensation, ValoClimb® is getting an awesome update to its visuals. This totally new experience will be playable at IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris between the 17th and the 19th of September.

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Our new trampoline game Trax makes the whole body move at IAAPA Expo

We are very excited to finally tell you about our new game Trax for ValoJump® – our interactive trampoline game platform! 

Trax gets its name from the new highly accurate tracking technology and choreographed tracks. Trax invites the player to...

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Flash launched for ValoClimb

We are is proud to announce a new game release for ValoClimb,   Flash. With Flash, players will discover totally new fun ways of moving on a climbing wall. A process of inventing the best climbing moves has just begun!
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