Written by Fana Immonen on Aug 12. 2019

We at Valo Motion are arriving at this year’s IAAPA Expo Europe with our full product arsenal of interactive game platforms for trampolines and indoor climbing walls. Anybody can turn themselves into a superhero, just arrive at our booth #3138, and let our high-quality interactive game platforms take care of the rest.

In short, there are plenty of reasons to visit us at IAAPA Expo Europe. To begin with, for the first time ever, we’ll have our newest ValoJump trampoline game ready for you to conquer. In addition, you will have the opportunity to challenge your friend in the world’s first two-player trampoline game we like to call Super Stomp! Last but certainly not least, you’ll have the opportunity to disappear into the totally new graphics and visual experience we have created for the ValoClimb games.

Super Stomp for ValoJump – the world’s first two-player interactive game platform for trampolines

Flash – our speed climbing application for ValoClimb

Want to visit us at IAAPA Expo Europe and experience all the new shiny things we have in store for your business for Autumn season 2019? Send us an email to marketing@valomotion.com today and tell us a little bit about your business. We will see if we can arrange an invitation to the trade show for you. Looking forward to hearing from you – and especially seeing you at our stand #3138.

Come and test our completely new trampoline game

Visiting our booth gives you the unique opportunity to test our new rhythm-based trampoline game for ValoJump. What could be more fun than that?

Playing this interactive game will be awesome and we can assure you that we have put our unique Valo Motion stamp on it. However, that’s all we are revealing to you, for now, more information will be coming in a few week’s time…


The world’s first two-player game for trampoline – Super Stomp

There’s even more reason to visit our stand, as we are bringing Super Stomp
, the world’s first two-player interactive trampoline game for ValoJump, to you.  

Super Stomp for ValoJump – the world’s first two-player interactive trampoline game

"Kids just love Super Stomp and have endless competitions with it. The game is a huge success in our park! We love it!"
Super park logo – Valo Motion customer
Mika Jimenez | SuperPark

With Super Stomp, players can bounce on a real trampoline and get a great workout while having fun. ValoJump appeals to athletes, gamers and anyone else looking for a fun new activity or an unconventional way to exercise. ValoJump – like all Valo Motion products – makes you feel like a superhero.

Viral sensation ValoClimb gets an update to its visuals

At the expo, we are also proud to show you the totally new and striking visual experience for our ValoClimb games. If playing Astromania or Augmented Problems  to name a few – was awesome before, wait until you get to try them with these impressive new graphics.

Amazing new graphics for Astromania for ValoClimb

These outstanding new graphics are sure to kick the player’s visual experience to a completely new level, allowing the climber – turned gamer – to immerse themselves even deeper into the world of our first fan favourite, ValoClimb. In short, ValoClimb’s active play technology invites anyone, from the youngest kids to the hard training adults to have an interactive gaming experience while enjoying a great physical workout.

Wait? Valo Motion?

We are the true creators of sports and games of the future. Hailing from Finland, we have grown from being a viral video sensation to being a successful growth company whose products can be found in over 200 locations, globally. Just in roughly two years, we have managed to reach over 200 million viral video views of our climbing wall game, ValoClimb.

Following these impressive numbers, we have quickly become the true powerhouse of the augmented reality fitness and family entertainment products. Our products are already used in over 45 countries. Currently, people of all ages all over the world have massive fun with our climbing wall and trampoline games in nearly one million monthly game sessions – while getting great exercise at their own pace.


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