Written by Fana Immonen on Dec 23. 2020

We are proud to present the first-ever Global Jumpball Competition. What do we mean by global competition? Only this: all our over 125 ValoJump customer locations around the world have joined us to make this milestone worth the history books.

Jumpball is our exhilarating mixed reality (XR) video game, which is played while jumping on a trampoline! Check out the video to see exactly what we mean… We are inviting all and everyone to part take in this competition, where the best video will be rewarded handsomely!


If the competition is global and the game is awesome – in a little over a week, Jumpball became our most played game of all time – so naturally, we had to include a price worthy of the occasion. Drumroll please, here we go: The prizes include a gift card for the whopping amount of 400 dollars and much more! Intrigued? Keep reading to find out how you can snatch the title: The Ultimate Master of Jumpball!


Competition details

We have brought in the very best to handpick the winner of this battle royal: GRTCrew. Also, know as The Freestyle Trampoline Association – helmed by the famous trampoline jumper Greg Roe. We used these mind-blowingly talented guys in the filming of the Jumpball launch video featured above. But they will be back to help us find the winner worthy of the title.

Duration: 1st of December – 22nd of December 2020

How to participate:

  1. Go to your nearest ValoJump location and play Jumpball’s single or two-player game
  2. Go to the ValoJump touchscreen to type in your email address to receive your game video and share your Jumpball video on social media.

Prizes: Gift cards worth 400$ and 100$ and merchandise giveaway package.

Choosing the winner: The winner will be announced during the second week of January 2021.

PRO-TIP: Each time you share a new video on social media you get a new entry to the competition. So, this is no time to be modest, but go absolutely ham with it! 😀 Check out the map below to find the ValoJump location nearest to you and give it all you got!

Jumpball is all over the world...

All the over 125 customer locations are in this global competition. Click the map below to find your nearest ValoJump location.


Jumpball – ball sport with a difference


The sun has set but the city of Tokyo is basking in neon lights. The whole arena is holding their breath, the drone carrying the ball flies closer and drops it in front of you. You give a last focused stare at your adversary knowing that you only have 60 short seconds so you kick the ball with all your might. The crowd explodes!! Speed radar shows 320 km/h, your opponent barely manages to stop the ball from soaring past them and kicks it right back at you at record speed…

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