Written by Michael Groszewski on Jul 5. 2019

This week we at Valo Motion will present a new way of athletic eSports at the ISPO trade show in Munich. We can be found at the International Congress Center Munich’s Experience area until the 7th of July with the ValoClimb augmented reality climbing wall installation, courtesy of our friends from OnTheRock.  

Sports and eSports are hugely popular. Athletic eSports means combining them by bringing the best experiences from both worlds. Athletic eSports offers the fun of eSports games and the health benefits and the endorphin rush of a physical exercise.

Thus, ValoClimb will be perfectly suited for marrying eSports and traditional sport as indoor climbing is already a trend sport with at least 500,000 climbers in Germany alone. Indoor climbing will also be an olympic discipline for the first time in 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

ValoClimb AR climbing wall game by Valo Motion at ISPO 2019
ValoClimb at ISPO 2019

Our ValoClimb is the world’s first interactive gaming platform for climbing walls. ValoClimb systems turn ordinary climbing walls into large interactive surfaces and fully immerse the player in projected graphics, game effects and fun challenges that are intended both for leisure and serious skill training. 

ValoClimb games can be played solo or as a two-player game which are both well suited for eSports tournaments. This active play technology invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to have an amazing time and get great physical exercise.

Now this new way of athletic eSports can be experienced by everyone at the ISPO trade show in Munich, Germany. Valo Motion is offering great prizes for the best high scores to test out the competitive side of the augmented climbing. 

We’ve had the pleasure to host honourable guests in the competition by having the Bavarian Minister of Digitalisation Judith Gerlach enjoying a game of Climball on our ValoClimb wall.

Bavarian Minister of Digitalisation Judith Gerlach playing ValoClimb by Valo Motion
Bavarian Minister of Digitalisation Judith Gerlach starting her winning streak with ValoClimb's Climball game

“We want to combine the two biggest audience magnets in the world: sports and eSports. Sports entertainment is watched by billions of people on television and online. The most watched YouTube videos happen to be about eSports. ValoClimb augmented climbing wall as an athletic eSports is a great example of a physical exercise being very entertaining for mass audiences,“ says Dr. Raine Kajastila, CEO and Founder of Valo Motion. “We are in the process of building the athletic eSport tournament concept and looking for global partners to combine physical exercise with eSports.”


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