Written by Dr Raine Kajastila on Dec 22. 2020

Even if the world was slowing down, our development team felt that now more than ever, it was important to keep going. We definitely wanted to do whatever we could to support our customers in these unusual times. Also, we were eager to have something new and exciting to offer our customers when they would be ready to reopen their locations. We were happy to see that based on the feedback we received, both ValoClimb and ValoJump served as one of the key attractions in getting visitors to come back in a safe but fun way. Finally, even if this year has thrown us more than one curveball, we’re super excited to see that several locations have ordered or opened locations with 7, 6 or 4 Valo Motion products.

"We have 4 Valo Motion products in our park, two ValoClimbs and two ValoJumps. Our customers love them!! The ValoJumps are the main attraction in our trampoline park."​
FANNY PASCAL | Altiarena, trampoline park
Alti Arena logo logo Valo Motion customer

Before we turn our hopeful eyes to 2021, we wanted to have a look back at his year, and in particular, t
he past three months when we:

Other definitely mention-worthy highlights from this year are that:

  • Our products can be already found in over 60 countries and 300 customer locations
  • Our products are becoming as the main park attraction with 7, 6 or 4 units per location
  • Launching a new group game for ValoClimb, Hullaballoon that includes a birthday mode
  • Participating in several virtual events: IATP, IAAPA EMEA & APAC and IAAPA Asia


Here are the highlights from the past three months...

Jumpball – new sport game for ValoJump

We wanted to grow the ValoJump game repertoire by releasing a new trampoline sports game, Jumpball

Over a year of extensive game development had paid off, our newest single and two-player game, Jumpball, is off to a great start! Looking at the data provided by the Valo Motion Cloud Service, in a little over a week this new competitive ball game has already become our
most played game!

The Global Jumpball Competition

To keep this great momentum going and to help drive in more visitors, we created the Global Jumpball Competition. The player who shares the best video is rewarded with a generous gift card and the title: The Ultimate Master of Jumpball! Click this link to keep reading about the competition. Oh, and this is the first of many competitions, so if you were not able to participate in this one, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future!

ValoJump air

To go out with a bang, we decided to push one more launch before saying goodbye to 2020. With ValoJump air, we wanted to create something that would complement the current ValoJump product line while widening the customer base. 

ValoJump air Model 86 dual setup without podium - no measurements

We feel that ValoJump air has the opportunity to do just that since it requires a ceiling height of only 3m (9ft 10 in). Finally, in addition to making the installation easier, this new option offers an easy, but most importantly, an inexpensive retrofit opportunity.

New levels for Sparks and Trax

To keep encouraging revisit to our customer locations, we are constantly pushing out new levels to keep the game content fresh and exciting. That is exactly why we released 15 new super fun levels for our existing games, 9 for Sparks and 6 new levels for Trax. This allowed us to grow the ever-expanding level repertoire for both, ValoJump and ValoClimb. 

Co-founding the world’s first XRS association

To help support and grow the meaning of mixed reality sports, we joined forces with Fun With Balls, Icaros and Sphery to co-found the International Association of Mixed Reality Sports (XRS). One of the main goals of this association is to promote physical activity by combining sports, technology and gaming, and to change how people exercise around the world.

New video-sharing update for ValoJump and ValoClimb

We updated the video-sharing to be easier and quicker than ever before. The visitors can now share their gameplay videos without having to use their email. We calculated that each video shared on social media is seen about 120 times. So, if the visitors share 1000 videos per month, they can be viewed 120 000 times. Clearly, the video-sharing tool presents great potential for our customers to gain extra visibility and new visitors! Also, we’ve created a high score page that displays the top games. This way the players can share their videos with the world!


Other mention-worthy highlights from this year...

Our products are in 60+ countries and 300+ customer locations

This year marked the 4 year anniversary of us putting the now-famous Climball video online. The viral video ended up reaching astonishing 200 million views online. 

Today, our games are being played by over 45,000 players every day. As for us, since 2016, we have been fortunate enough to expand our product range,  game selection and the Valo Motion team. Today, we have a core team of 18 engineers, business professionals, gamers, and athletes, working with over 300 customer locations in 60 countries around the world.

Our products as the main park attractions

Four ValoJump setup with PlayFactore
Four ValoJump multi setup from Play Factore – allowing single and two-player games

We were happy to see that our products are gaining popularity as the main park attraction. Even if this year has definitely been challenging for our industry, we have been super excited to see that several locations have ordered or opened locations with 7, 6 or 4 Valo Motion products. Also, we were very happy to hear that several of our customers reported that our products played an important role in getting visitors to come back to their location.

Hullaballoon and its birthday mode

Hullaballoon for ValoClimb AR climbing wall game for indoor locations and trampoline parks

Hullaballoon is a group game and can be played anywhere between 1 to 4 people and was made available for all the ValoClimb units in June 2020. The game even includes a special birthday mode, which is a short, festive and party-themed version of the normal game mode. At the end of the birthday mode game, a customisable birthday greeting pops up to surprise everybody!


Global virtual events

As is true for most of the events, also the leisure industry events went virtual. We wanted to participate in as many events as we could: IATP virtual, IAAPA EMEA & APAC and IAAPA Asia. It was great to see the degree of adaptability and support this industry offers to its members and the global community. Literally, everybody came in to share best practices and tips and to help elevate this industry by being there for one and another. 

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